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All music lessons are $22 per half hour lesson. When you sign up, you pay for a calendar month at a time and renew each month. You have your own dedicated time slot each week at the same time. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

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Our spacious teaching studios are the perfect environment to learn and gain music skills.

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Lessons start around 3 pm each day and go until around 8 pm. There are many convenient spots available, please contact us for available times.

  • Jim

    Jim is our main guitar teacher. He has a wonderful bright personality and is ready to teach you what you need to know about guitar. Jim has years of experience in general guitar playing and is very well versed in jazz and music theory. Jim currently lives in Dunnville and also operates a small recording studio.

  • Angela

    Angela is our main piano teacher. She has a wonderful knack for teaching any age student. Angela was trained at Brock university’s music program. She knows many styles of playing and is well versed in music theory. She currently lives in Wainfleet with her husband and 2 kids.

  • Bill

    Bill is our main drum teacher. Bill is the brother of our guitar teacher Jim. Bill is a wonderfully gifted drummer and teacher with years of playing under his belt. He is very patient with any student and can teach any style of drumming. Bill currently lives in Waterford with his wife and 4 kids.

  • Wayne

    Wayne is our other guitar teacher. Wayne is a very talented guitarist with over 60 years of playing experience. He has a great personality for teaching and is able to teach most playing styles to any student. Wayne also specializes in older music. If you are looking to learn anything by the Beatles or most music from that era, Wayne is your guy. He currently lives in Dunnville with his wife.

  • John

    John is the newest member of our team. He teaches piano and drums at the shop. John is an incredibly gifted musician with special skill in jazz piano. He is a graduate of the Mowhawk music program in Hamilton and is also Conservatory certified. John has a wonderful outgoing personality for teaching and can teach any age student. He lives near Dunnville with his wife.

  • Cyrus

    In addition to being a guitar teacher, Cyrus is the owner of The Music Room and manages all the day day operations at the shop. Cyrus has over 25 years of guitar playing expereince and can show anyone the secrets of great guitar playing. He also has a vast knowledge of all things related to guitar and music products and can hopefully answer any question you may have. He currently lives near Dunnville with his wife and 6 kids.

Hang out, relax and make a coffee while you wait for your lesson in our lounge.

Lessons-related FAQ

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How do I book music lessons?

Stop by our store at 213 Queen St., Unit A in Dunnville during regular business hours or give us a call at 289-518-0588.

How much are music lessons?

Music lessons are $22 per lesson. You pay for a full month of lessons at one time and then renew each month as you want to continue.

How long is a music lesson?

Each music lesson is 30 mins once a week.

Is my lesson time slot the same each week?

Yes! We book you a time that works for you when you sign up for lessons, and it is the same each week.

You may, of course, request to change your lesson time if your existing slot is no longer convenient by contacting us at the reception or via phone at 289-518-0588.

Do I still have to pay for a lesson that I can’t make it to or skip?

Yes, you pay for the lesson regardless of attendance.

How old does my child need to be to start lessons?

We generally recommend 6-7 years. We have had some younger kids in the past but it is dependant on whether or not they can sit through the half hour lesson.

I’m a senior citizen, am I too old to learn?

No way! You are never too old to learn an instrument. We have many older folks who take lessons. Learning music is very beneficial for human brains, regardless of age.

Pharell Williams was 40 years old when his song 'Happy' hit the whole world. Please, call us at 289-518-0588, and we will help you master the instrument of your dreams.

Are there any times during the year when there aren't lessons?

We do not do lessons on stat holidays, the March break and Christmas break. Summertime lessons are optional however if you break for the summer we cannot hold your lesson spot.

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